Is Food Insurance “low-resistance”?

A while back while I was listening to a radio program I heard a radio ad from a food storage company called Food Insurance.

I’ve heard their ad dozens and dozens of times.  I’ve even purchased their product in the past and have recommended it to friends and family.  This particular time I was surprised by what I heard.

What they did was, instead of some discount offer or trying to get the listener to call an 800 number, they used “low resistance to entry” offer that was a perfect message match to their listening audience.

You see, their only call to action in the ad was to visit their website for a free guide to disaster preparedness.  When I heard their ad, I remember thinking, “that’s exactly what their audience is wanting to learn, they want to feel prepared for any disaster.”  This company had taken the time to understand their audience, what their fears and frustrations are and what they are wanting to overcome.

And, equally important, they made it a low resistance to entry.  Most people don’t want to call and talk to someone on the phone.  They don’t want the pressure of having to potentially be “sold” something.

Plus, the vast majority of listeners simply aren’t ready to buy when they hear an ad.  However, if they can go to a website and get valuable information this gives a the listener something of value, positions this company as an expert and builds goodwill.  As a company they can take this opportunity to nurture each listener that downloads their disaster preparedness guide.  If done properly, this will lead to much higher conversions, and potentially larger transaction amounts, than going for the “hard sale” right off the bat.

Now, their execution of capturing the lead on their website was less then ideal, as they simply had people go to their home page and didn’t make it dead-simple to find the preparedness guide.  Yet, that’s a discussion for another time.

Evaluate your advertising efforts, how well your message matches your audience, what your call to action is and what you can do to make entry into your funnel as low-resistence, and high-value, as possible.  As you take thought in this area, remember that your audience is constantly evaluating each marketing message against how they can benefit from it.