Product Update:
Optional & Alternate Items

After much discussion, development and testing we’re VERY happy to give you Optional and Alternate Items!

As of today, any item within a bid can be turned into either Optional or Alternative.

Here’s what this means:

  • Optional Item: there are those times when you want to offer an add-on, something that’s not required for the project but that would be a great addition, and give the client the ability choose whether they want it or not.  This might be something like a complete outdoor kitchen or something more simple like deck jets.  Traditionally you may have a completely separate bid for jus those items or just include it all in one bid but somehow indicate to the client that it’s just a suggestion at this point.  Well, with Optional Items you can add it to the bid, designate it as “Optional” and that item is shown on the bid without affecting the price until that item is officially accepted in the bid.  This way all add-ons are very cleanly presented in one Bid with a very easy way to accept any or all items.
  • Alternate Items: similar to Optional Items except with the purpose of presenting multiple options for a single item.  For example,  you can show the client the a standard and variable speed pump side-by-side (this is an upgrade opportunity).  Or maybe with the pool finish they’re interested in the Wet Edge Primera Stone finish but not quite sure which color.  With Alternate Items you can give them a few choices.  And the nice thing about Alternate Items in the Web Presentation view (what the client sees online), they’re able to toggle between the different options to see what it might do to the price and (even better) be able to click to see photos and videos of each alternative.


Video Tutorial on Optional & Alternate Items: